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Amblyopia Therapy

RevitalVision is the only clinically proven and FDA approved therapy for adult amblyopia.

What is Amblyopia or Lazy Eye?

In normal eyesight, the brain receives images from each eye and merges them into one. In Amblyopia, one of the eyes is unfocused, or wandering, therefore the brain receives very different images from each eye and cannot merge them. When this occurs, the brain ignores images from the wandering or unfocused eye, which is the lazy eye. As a result, the brain’s visual system for that eye fails to develop normal sight and loss of vision occurs.

Amblyopia treatment for adults:

Thousands of customers and clinical trial participants who have completed the Amblyopia program have experienced significant eyesight improvement in the Lazy Eye and in their quality of life, including:

  • Reading subtitles on TV
  • Reading signs in the street
  • Recognizing faces from distance and seeing better at night
  • Improved stereo (binocular) vision

The average improvement experienced is a 2.5 line advancement on the eye chart and 100% in contrast sensitivity

The Science behind RevitalVision:

It is possible to enhance brain processing by effective visual stimulation of the neurons responsible for vision in the primary visual cortex, long after the critical period. RevitalVision’s neural training program is clinically and scientifically proven unlike eye exercise programs that focus on relaxing eye muscles.

During training sessions, a series of visual tasks and repetitive images train the brain and improve visual processing. Revitalvision analyzes performance and continuously adjust the individually customized training sessions to substantially improve vision.

RevitalVision trains your brain to see better without additional surgery, enhancement, drugs or side-effects

 About the program:

  • 40 training sessions – completed at home on a computer
  • 30 minutes on average – for each training session
  • Customized – to your pace and visual ability
  • Professionally monitored – by your eye care specialist

Getting Started:

Consult with us if you think you are a suitable candidate for RevitalVision’s Amblyopia program. We will send you an exam form to be filled out by your ophthalmologist or by a certified optometrist. Based on the exam data, we will be able to determine your suitability for the program.


Will it work for me?

The treatment is suitable for people suffering from Amblyopia above 9 years old, with Visual Acuity between 20/30 to 20/100. (Bi-lateral amblyopia up to 20/200). There are no limitations on refraction condition.

What are the age limits for the program?

The program demands concentration, attention and discipline, which is challenging for children under the age of 9. There is no upper age limitation for success. Patients older than 80 have completed the program successfully with similar clinical outcome.

Does the program involve surgery or medications?

No, RevitalVision does not require any surgery or prescription medication.

How much will my vision improve?

The average improvement is 2.5 lines on the eye chart, and 100% in contrast sensitivity. This means that what you could read from 10 meters before the program you would be able to read from a distance of 17 meters after the program. However, the amount of improvement varies between individuals.

I suffer from a wandering eye (Strabismus) will it improve?

RevitalVision improves brain visual processing and has no effect on the eye itself.

If your eye deviation is higher than 8° prism diopter, you will be required to treat it prior to RevitalVision.

How long do the results last?

Just like learning to walk, riding a bicycle and learning to swim have a long lasting effects, so does RevitalVision.

Is it safe?

Yes, prior to being released for commercial use, RevitalVision was researched and tested for over 20 years. There are no known risks, side effects or complications associated with the program. The program is FDA and CE Mark approved.


“I had lazy eye since childhood, and was always told there is nothing I can do to improve it.  I was surprised and happy to hear about RevitalVision treatment and today I see much better”

Ronit Dagan, July 2015, Israel