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Tomey - AL 4000.

Bio & Pachy Meter

An”Axial length measurement system”
suiting a variety of clinical styles.

The -4000 is portable with a rechargeable battery. It is easy to carry from the testing room to the bed-side or surgical theater. When connected to the chin rest, patients do not need to move their eye during measurements or waveform checking and testing.

High repeatability

Axial length measurement screen
Axial length measurement screen

With 4 kinds of measurable eyes and 3 different measurement methods, it is easy to select the best measurement method appropriate to the condition of the patients. Sound monitor functions and an auto measuring function induce high-repeatability.

Measurable eyes
  • Phakic eyes
  • Hypermature cataracts
  • Aphakia
  • IOL eyes (3 materials)
Measurement method
  • Auto alignment with 3D eye tracking
  • Auto quick
  • Manual

Sonic speed measuring is also possible

Prevent infection in the clinic

Prevent infection in the clinic with the immersion attachment
Prevent infection in the clinic with the immersion attachment
Immersion attachment
Immersion attachment

A disposable probe cap, “Immersion attachment” can shield the measurement probe from infectious diseases and prevent infection in the clinic. When measuring by probe, the application of a corneal protective agent, effectively moderates inadvertent pressure on the cornea.

*Immersion attachment is not a sterilized product.

Corneal thickness measurement

Corneal thickness measurement

When the optional corneal thickness probe is connected, corneal thickness can be measured, showing the value and the wavelength.


Axial length measurement function
Probe type Solid type / Built-in, Red LED
Transducer frequency 10 MHz
Measurement accuracy ±0.1mm
Measurement range (axial length) 13.00 – 45.00 mm
IOL power calculation function
IOL calculation formula SRK / T
Display 3.5 inch, TFT color LCD
Input voltage / frequency /
power consumption
100-120 / 220-240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, 18 /24 VA
Dimensions and weight 109(W)×52(D)×166(H) mm / 470 g
Product Image
Product Image