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Rexxam (Shin-Nippon) - NVision-K 5001.



Wide-View Window Avoids “Instruments Myopia”

Wide-View Window Avoids "Instruments Myopia"

Use of Wide-View Window allows subject to relax during measurement, as looking into the window naturally with both eyes can minimize instrument myopia.

No Auto Fogging Means “No Accommodation”

Measurement principle without autofogging function prevents subjects e.g. children from using accommodating.

Near vision Reading

Near vision Reading

Near reading tests can be performed with attached near reading card of standard accessories.

Clear 5.6 inch color monitor

Clear 5.6 inch color monitor

Built-in clear 5.6 inch color monitor that produces superb colorful display of the icons for easier identification to select your desired choices for measurement.

Data Screen Function

Measured data can be seen on the monitor without printing out.

SE Value Display Function (spherical equivalent values)

You can check accommodation of the measured eye with SE values.

Quick Printer with Automatic Cutter

Printing paper is automatically cut when it is released.

Auto Start Function

Starts measuring automatically when alignment meets measurement requirements.

IOL Measurement Function Installed

You can measure the IOL (Intraocular lens) implanted eye.

Minimum Pupil Diameter : 2.3 mm

Allows you to measure much smaller pupils than conventional units.

RS232C Setting Function

You can send the measurement data to an external computer through an interface.

Output Terminal

This terminal outputs an NTSC video terminal. If you connect an external monitor, you can observe the same image that appears on the internal monitor screen of Nvision-K 5001 simultaneously.