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Zeimer - PASCAL.

PASCAL Dynamic Contour Tonometer


Dynamic Contour Tonometer

Every millimeter of mercury IOP reduction lowers the risk of glaucoma progression by 10%. But current tonometers are not precise enough to measure with such accuracy and tonometry correction nomograms for CCT do not work.

In-vivo cannulation studies have shown that PASCAL measures closest to true IOP and is independent of corneal properties like CCT or rigidity.
PASCAL therefore is the solution to the problem that correction nomograms based only on CCT are neither valid nor useful in an individual patient.

Proven to be the most accurate and reproducible tonometer today, PASCAL helps you to detect more true glaucoma suspects and manage IOP more precisely.

The PASCAL tonometer from Ziemer Ophthalmic System AG is on the market since almost 10 years. To date it’s the only device that measures IOP fluctuations independently of the patient’s cornea. Independent studies have shown the PASCAL to be the most accurate and precise tonometer available today.

  • True and accurate measurement independent from corneal properties
    like CCT and corneal rigidity
  • Highest repeatability allowing a refined IOP progression analysis
  • True and accurate measurement of both static pressure (IOP)
    and pressure fluctuation (OPA)
  • True and accurate measurement – no late or missed diagnosis
  • Device can be connected to wireless printer or PC and is EMR compatible
  • Automatic self calibration – no additional calibration stepts needed
  • Low risk of cross infection due to sterile sensor caps