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Tomey - EM 4000.

Specular Microscope

The EM-4000 is a specular microscope with a wide measurement range and auto analysis. Multi display functions and quick analysis enables smooth endothelium testing. Also database functions are installed to compare the observation of the patient pre and post surgery, or to re-analyze in several analysis methods.

Wide measurement range and image capture of surrounding areas

Using unique technology, a wide endothelium area of 0.25×0.54 mm can be viewed.
The EM-4000 can measure a total of 13 points including the center point, 6 peripheral positions and 6 parafovea positions, which provide more choices for imaging the endothelium area through corneal clouding.

Auto analysis and multi display functions

With built-in analysis software, 8 types of analysis values are automatically displayed. The layout of analysis results is selectable.

Captured images can be displayed in 4 ways (Photo / Trace / Area / Apex) making it clearer to see the endothelium

Dark area analysis function

More comfortable image capturing with higher speed

Display the analysis results 4 seconds (2 seconds/ eye) approx. after measurement. Touch alignment is simple, and smooth and speedy image capturing facilitates comfortable testing.

Internal database installed

A database is installed in the main unit. By displaying two data of one patient, it is possible to compare pre and post surgery. We also provide a patient list screen for patient identification.


Observation and analysis of corneal endothelium
Measurement method Non-contact
Photographing range 0.25(W)×0.54(H)mm
Measurement mode Auto / Manual / Auto alignment with 3D eye tracking method
Capturing position Center + 12 peripheral points
Cornea thickness measurement
Analysis method Automatic analysis / L-count / Trace / Core Method
Analysis values Number (the number of analyzed cells)
CD (cell density)
AVG (average cell area)
SD (standard deviation of cell area)
CV (coefficient of variation of cell area)
MAX (maximum cell area)
MIN (minimum cell area)
6A (hexagonal cell appearance rate)
Histogram Area (Polymegathism: Distribution by areas)
Apex (Pleomorphism: Distribution by polygonal shapes types)
Display 10.4 inches, color LCD
Touch panel
Dimensions and weight 309(W)×491(D)×450(H) mm / approx. 22 kg
Power source
Input voltage / frequency /
power consumption
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 100 VA