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Philobiotics has its own local product range which is a widely used by Sri Lanka Ophthalmic Professionals at a very economic price range.


Locally Manufactured:-

  • Vision Testing Boxes (Single box, Double box and Rotatable Vision Boxes)
  • Acrylic Snellen’s Charts (‘C’ Chart, ‘E’ Chart, Indirect Numbers, Direct Numbers, Alphabet Charts, Symbols Chart & Bichromatic Charts)
  • Slim Type LED Single Vision Box


Low cost products to benefit the customer

  • Ishihara Colour Vision Testing Books
  • Trial Frames
  • Trial Lens Boxes


Other Service provided by Philobiotics

  • Annual maintenance Services for Ophthalmic Equipments Philobiotics supply Ophthalmic Medical Instruments to the sister companies Vision Care Pvt Ltd, Global Vision Lanka & Eye Tech Systems. Currently Philobiotics maintain over 100 equipments in 22 Vision Care Branches along with Vision Care Head Office, Eye Tech Systems and Vision Care Express Branch
  • Repairs & Services of Ophthalmic Equipments supplied to the Government Hospitals all around the Island.